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A video course for the state-of-the-art PHP developer who wants to work efficiently and successfully in a beautiful IDE.

This course is already a couple years old and not all information will be 100% accurate anymore.
That's why the price was reduced by 30%.

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Does this look like a comfortable workspace to you?

Let's be honest. By default, PhpStorm looks pretty ugly. They have a lot to offer and want to show that. I get that. But you deserve better.

PhpStorm look by default
Php look by default with many opened tool windows

What tools are really helpful?

Database, Git, Testing, Todos... You name it. PhpStorm supports it all. But does this mean you have to learn them all too? What are the features that really make an impact on your development workflow?

How to work fast in a slow IDE?

We know PhpStorm is not famous for being the fastest editor. That's ok because it shines somewhere else. It knows your code. Still, we need to work efficiently; is that too much to ask for? It's not. Handling such a powerful IDE is hard, but with the right tips and shortcuts, you can do this!

Pain point PhpStorm slow
Photo of Christoph Rumpel

Hi, my name is Christoph Rumpel. I'm a developer and teacher from Vienna, Austria.

PhpStorm has been the IDE of my choice for years now, and I know about the mentioned drawbacks. I had to master PhpStorm the hard way, but you don't have to be alone in doing this! I created this course so that you can learn all these things with my guidance. Let me help you to get the best out of your IDE setup.

Mastering PhpStorm is the course I wish I had when I started working with this IDE.

It's Time To Start Mastering Your Favorite IDE

Let me guide you through my battle-tested development workflow in a beautifully clean version of PhpStorm.

How your IDE could look like

Tools that make a difference

You don't have to use everything that PhpStorm has to offer. Over the years, I have discovered the features that helped me the most in my development workflow.

Refactoring is what PhpStorm is famous for. It just knows your code, and that makes refactoring a breeze. The only step left is to learn how to use those features.
Testing like a boss
It is hard enough to learn how and what to test. That's why creating and running tests should be a no-brainer. I'm proud of my current testing flow, and I want to share that with you.
Let's catch some bugs
Debugging with PhpStorm is not everyone's favorite topic. It takes some time to get it all set up, and then you also need to get familiar with the given tools. Nobody has to go through this alone. Let me help you make debugging fun again in PhpStorm.
PhpStorm look by default
lets make working in PhpStorm fast again

Look mom, no mouse

Nothing is slower than using your mouse. The keyboard is our friend on the way to efficiency. This is even more true since we like our IDE clean and distraction-free. I'm constantly working on my perfect shortcuts, and it is time to share them with you.

Level up your theme

Are you looking for a new and beautiful dark theme? Or do you prefer a light one? (I don't judge) Look no further and say hello to Rios, my custom PhpStorm theme.

My custom PhpStorm theme

Example Video - Custom Test Configurations

Not fully convinced yet? Check my free PhpStorm Tips & Tricks as well.

Mastering PhpStorm has over 400 customers already.
Let's hear what they say:

  • Christoph's course is laid out in bite sized chunks so you can pick and choose the bits most useful to you, or you can watch one unit after the other - whatever suits. I've really benefited from the layout changes he suggests too. Thanks for a really useful course 🙂.

    Photo of Jonathan Haddock

    Jonathan Haddock
    Deputy Senior Information Security Officer

  • Investing time in being more efficient in your day-to-day work always pays off. Christoph does a great job in explaining many great PhpStorm features. You will most probably learn something new and the course will definitely push you to be more efficient in your favourite IDE.

    Photo of Simon Sprankel

    Simon Sprankel

  • Being efficient in your IDE is a must. I've been using PHPStorm for years and thought I knew a good amount of shortcuts. Christoph showed me 3 new ones in 3 minutes. Can't wait to learn more.

    Photo of Jason McCreary

    Jason McCreary
    Founder of Laravel Shift

Table Of Content

Here is a full list of all the included videos.

Category Getting Started image
  • 1 - Welcome
  • 2 - PhpStorm Styling Basics
  • 3 - Make It Beautiful
  • 4 - Additional Design Tweaks
  • 5 - Recommended Fonts
  • 6 - Must Have Plugins
  • 7 - Shortcuts All The Way
  • 8 - Sync Your Settings
Category Refactoring image
  • 1 - Welcome to Refactoring
  • 2 - Naming is hard
  • 3 - Move Namespaces
  • 4 - Extracting To Rescue
  • 5 - Pull Me Up Scotty
  • 6 - Introduce Interfaces
Category Testing image
  • 1 - Welcome to Testing
  • 2 - PhpUnit Setup
  • 3 - Generate Tests
  • 4 - Generate Test Methods
  • 5 - Run Your Tests
  • 6 - Run Custom Configurations
Category Tips & Tricks image
  • 1 - General - Run Anything
  • 2 - Navigation - Quick Toolbars Access
  • 3 - Editing - The Best Split Flow
  • 4 - Templates - Postfix Templates
  • 5 - ...and 20 more of my favorite tips!
Category GIT image
  • 1 - Welcome to Git
  • 2 - Commit & Push
  • 3 - Commit Hooks
  • 4 - Branches
  • 5 - Using Changelist
  • 6 - Resolving Conflicts
Category Debugging image
  • 1 - Welcome To Debugging
  • 2 - Dump And Die
  • 3 - Hello Ray
  • 4 - Debug With Ray
  • 5 - Hello Xdebug
  • 6 - Install Xdebug
  • 7 - Set up Xdebug
  • 8 - Debug With Xdebug
  • 9 - Step Debugging
  • 10 - A Closer Look At Breakpoints
  • 11 - Dont' Forget About Watches

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Sure. Our payment provider, Paddle, accepts credit cards and PayPal.

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